San Diego Zoo’s Cutest Animal Ambassador Needs Name

Posted at 10:11 pm September 16, 2013 by PR
SEPT. 16, 2013
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San Diego Zoo’s Cutest Animal Ambassador Needs Name

      The youngest member of the San Diego Zoo’s animal ambassador team cuddled up close to senior keeper Katie Miller this morning during a training session. This five- month-old is a Linnaeus’s two-toed sloth and is currently being trained to meet people up close during special animal presentations and outings.

     The baby sloth is in need of a name and the Zoo has carefully selected four names for the public to vote on:     Xena (pronounced ZEE-nah): The taxonomic superorder Xenarthra is comprised of armadillos, sloths and anteaters.     Dulce (pronounced DUEL-say): This is Spanish for sweet

     Guiana (pronounced gee ON a): Two-toed sloths are native to this region in northeastern South America.

     Subida (pronounced soo BEE dah): In Spanish, this word means rise, increase, ascent, and way up.

    To help name this young sloth, go to the San Diego Zoo’s Facebook page or click

     Sloths are slow-moving, solitary, arboreal, forest-dwelling nocturnal herbivores, found in tropical forests and cloud forests in Central and South America. Their sharp claws are 3 to 4 inches long and come in handy for hanging onto trees. Sloths sleep 15 to 18 hours per day and (slowly) look for food the rest of the day.
     Photo taken on Sept. 16, 2013, by Ken Bohn, San Diego Zoo.
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