San Diego Zoo Researcher Nominated for Prestigious Award

Posted at 10:19 pm August 28, 2013 by PR
August 28, 2013
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San Diego Zoo Researcher Nominated for Prestigious Award


     San Diego Zoo Global’s director of applied animal ecology, Ronald Swaisgood, Ph.D., has been nominated to receive the biennial Indianapolis Prize, the world’s leading award for animal conservation. Swaisgood is one of 39 conservationists nominated, all of whom have dedicated their lives to saving the Earth’s endangered species. The winner will receive an unrestricted $250,000 cash award and the Lilly Medal. Five other finalists will receive $10,000.
     Swaisgood is a trained field biologist who oversees San Diego Zoo Global’s recovery programs for species such as California condors, burrowing owls, Caribbean rock iguanas, mountain yellow-legged frogs, giant pandas, rhinoceros, kangaroo rats and Pacific pocket mice. 
     “The current nominees are exceptional and they represent many of the most significant wildlife conservationists working in the field today,” said Michael Crowther, president and CEO of the Indianapolis Zoo, which initiated the Indianapolis Prize as part of its core mission. “Increasingly more species are at risk of extinction, and these heroes deserve our recognition and support for their expertise, accomplishments, and tireless efforts protecting them. We encourage people around the world to celebrate the nominees’ important work and to join them in advancing animal conservation.”
     The San Diego Zoo Global Wildlife Conservancy is dedicated to bringing endangered species back from the brink of extinction. The Conservancy makes possible the wildlife conservation efforts (representing both plants and animals) of the San Diego Zoo, San Diego Zoo Safari Park, San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research, and international field programs in more than 35 countries. The important conservation and science work of these entities is supported in part by The Foundation of the Zoological Society of San Diego.

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