Another Panda Birthday at San Diego Zoo

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AUG. 5, 2013
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PHOTO NEWS RELEASEAnother Panda Birthday at San Diego Zoo
Yun Zi Receives Ice Cake for His Fourth Birthday

     Yun Zi (pronounced yoon zah), a male giant panda, checked out his birthday cake this morning at the San Diego Zoo. The birthday boy turned four years old today and received an elaborate four-foot-tall ice cake, topped with a big ice “4″ and filled with some of his favorite treats - apples and yams. Yun Zi’s celebration came just one week after his brother, Xiao Liwu (pronounced sshyaoww lee woo), celebrated his first birthday at the Zoo.
     Yun Zi’s four-tiered cake was made by the Zoo’s forage staff and took one month to complete. The cake had a contemporary, modern look with different sizes and orientations for each tier. The ice tiers were colored with food coloring, filled with apple and yam pieces, and decorated with pureed yam frosting applied with traditional frosting tubes and tips. Additional decorations included fruit slices, bamboo stalks and leaves, and some drizzled honey.
     Yun Zi, known by keepers to be a very busy boy and fond of “redecorating” his exhibit, broke off small pieces of the ice and ate some of the fruit before snapping off the “4″ and then toppling the entire cake to the ground, delighting panda fans watching from the exhibit and online at the Zoo’s Panda Cam. He moved on to eating bamboo in one of his favorite spots, presumably waiting for his cake to melt a bit, making it easier to get to the rest of the treats.
     The San Diego Zoo is home to four giant pandas. The two oldest, Bai Yun and Gao Gao, are the parents of four-year-old Yun Zi and one-year-old, Xiao Liwu. Giant pandas are on a research loan to the San Diego Zoo from the People’s Republic of China.Photo taken on Aug. 5, 2013, by Ken Bohn, San Diego Zoo.


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