San Diego Zoo Safari Park Proud of “Gnu” Calves

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JULY 12, 2013
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San Diego Zoo Safari Park Proud of “Gnu” Calves
     A white-bearded gnu calf, or wildebeest, was on the heels of its mother this morning in the African Plains exhibit at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. The calf is one of four wildebeest born at the Safari Park during the last month.
     The Safari Park is experiencing a summertime baby boom and guests visiting the Park might be able to see more than 100 exotic baby animals including Thomson’s gazelles, East African eland, scimitar-horned oryx, South African springbok, Ankole cattle, eastern bongo, gemsbok, Kenya impalas, and the endangered Przewalski’s horse.
     Wildebeest calves weigh approximately 40 pounds at birth and, when full grown, can weigh 260 to 600 pounds. Within minutes of being born, the youngster was standing and running, following its mother as they moved with their herd.
     The wildebeest is native to the plains and open woodlands of Africa. Wildebeest still number in the thousands in numerous areas of eastern and southern Africa, which is a testament to local efforts and foresight to conserve and manage these animals.  The San Diego Zoo Safari Park has had 306 white-bearded gnu births since opening in 1972.   
  Photo taken on July 12, 2013, by Ken Bohn, San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

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