Captive-bred Mountain Yellow-legged Frogs Released into Native Habitat

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JUNE 13, 2013
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Captive-bred Mountain Yellow-legged Frogs Released into Native Habitat

     Researcher Frank Santana stands in Indian Creek preparing to release young, endangered mountain yellow-legged frogs. The froglets were bred and raised by Santana and other research staff at the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research for a year before they were released on June 12, 2013. Some of the froglets released were fitted with radio transmitters so researchers can track and monitor the frogs and begin to understand the activities of this endangered species. 
     The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service listed the mountain yellow-legged frog of southern California as endangered in 2002. Reduced to fewer than 200 individuals by 2003, efforts to boost the species’ population have included captive breeding, reintroducing captive offspring to historic habitat and conducting scientific research into the causes of the species’ decline.
     Watched over by a team of federal, state, and private scientists, the mountain yellow-legged frog continues to maintain a perilous toehold in the mountains of southern California. Mountain yellow-legged frogs live in perennial streams in portions of the San Gabriel, San Bernardino and San Jacinto mountains in southern California.

Photo taken on June 12, 2013, by Ken Bohn, San Diego Zoo Global


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