San Diego Zoo Safari Park Takes the Lead in Condor Breeding Program

Posted at 10:33 pm March 11, 2013 by PR
MARCH 11, 2013
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San Diego Zoo Safari Park Takes the Lead in Condor Breeding Program
     Senior condor keeper Ron Webb closely examines a condor egg about to hatch.  Using a technique known as candling, Webb is able to closely examine the egg using a bright, warm light.  
     Ron Webb, who has been working with California condors for over 15 years, is able to monitor growth and the development of blood vessels, and gage when exactly this chick will be ready to pip, or break through the egg, which he estimates is about 21 days from today. 
     This condor egg is part of the San Diego Zoo Safari Parks highly successful condor breeding program.  Since the California Condor Recovery Program began in the 1980s, when there were only 22 condors left in the world, the Safari Park has hatched 173 chicks and released more than 80 birds into the wild. There are approximately 390 California condors, half of which are flying free at release sights in Baja California, Mexico, California and Arizona.  

     Photo taken on March 11, 2013, by Ken Bohn, San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

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