“Are You ‘Takin’ About Me?”

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FEB. 19, 2013
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“Are You ‘Takin’ About Me?”

     Two-week-old takin calf Linshuh practiced his climbing at the San Diego Zoo this morning. Born on Feb. 2 and weighing around 19 pounds, Linshuh, whose name means “silver snake” in Mandarin, was appropriately named for the year of the snake and because of his extra-silvery coat of fur.
     Native to the Sichuan Province in China, takins are excellent climbers due to their unique split hooves, an adaption that helps them move around easily in a rocky habitat. Linshuh has already been practicing his climbing skills and is gaining confidence scampering up the rocky terrain in his habitat, one step at a time.
     Linshuh’s birth marks the 54th takin born at the San Diego Zoo, which is the most successful breeding program of Sichuan takins in the United States. The San Diego Zoo was the first zoo to exhibit Sichuan takins to the public and has had tremendous success with its takin breeding program. The Zoo has always kept a medium-size herd to keep genetic diversity for breeding; as a result, many births have occurred.

Photo taken on Feb. 19, 2013, by Ken Bohn, San Diego Zoo.


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