Mom Plants a Kiss on Her Baby Black Duiker at the San Diego Zoo

Posted at 12:29 am February 7, 2013 by PR
FEB. 6, 2013
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Mom Plants a Kiss on Her Baby Black Duiker at the San Diego Zoo

     The youngest member of the black duiker family, Rashidi, got a kiss from his mother this morning at the San Diego Zoo. The young duiker, Rashidi, whose name means “rightly guided” in Afrikaans, is 7 weeks old and weighs 17 pounds.
     The young duiker has a close bond with mother Robin, whom he nursed from for the first few weeks but has now moved on to solid foods, particularly enjoying acacia leaves.
     This is the second offspring for parents Robin and Luke, whose first offspring, Kodi, now at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, was the first duiker to be born at the San Diego Zoo.

    Photo taken on Feb. 6, 2013, by Ken Bohn, San Diego Zoo.

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