Xiao Liwu Shows Off Growing Belly

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Nov. 29, 2012
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Xiao Liwu Shows Off Growing Belly
San Diego Zoo’s Panda Cub, Wiggles and Crawls During Exam
     Giant panda cub Xiao Liwu stretched out and showed his belly while animal care staff checked him over during his weekly exam at the San Diego Zoo.  Nutritionist Jennifer Parsons took his measurements and noted that this panda cub is growing as expected, his measurements on track with other giant pandas born at the Zoo. Xiao Liwu weighs 12.1 pounds and is 25.9 inches long, with all four canine teeth visible.
     Parsons is experiencing more difficulty gathering measurements as Xiao Liwu, whose name means “little gift,” is gaining confidence crawling and has become more curious of his surroundings during the exams.
     Giant panda team members laid out bamboo leaves, a ball, a chew toy, and an apple slice to provide new sensory experiences for Xiao Liwu during the exam. The toys and new smells help keep the little panda focused and still, which makes it easier for the panda team to collect measurements quickly.
     As the cub develops, mother Bai Yun will bring him into other rooms that the cub has not yet explored in their off-exhibit area. Bai Yun and cub can be seen online at www.sandiegozoo.org/pandacam.Photo taken on Nov. 29, 2012, by Ken Bohn, San Diego Zoo.


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