What Young Desert Tortoises are Wearing

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SEPTEMBER 21, 2012
Photo Release
What Young Desert Tortoises are Wearing
     Researcher, Jennifer Germano Ph.D., looks at the transmitter worn by a juvenile tortoise before releasing it into the desert in southern Nevada.  On Friday, September 21, a team of conservationists translocated 60 juvenile tortoises into a large protected habitat area.  The project is part of a long-term collaborative effort involving U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Nevada National Security Site and San Diego Zoo Global to learn about and recover a species that has become threatened in the wild. A transmitter has been placed on each of the tortoises to allow researchers to track the movements and health of the juvenile reptiles (ranging in age from 3 to 8 years).
     The San Diego Zoo Global Wildlife Conservancy is dedicated to bringing endangered species back from the brink of extinction. The work of the Conservancy includes onsite wildlife conservation efforts (representing both plants and animals) at the San Diego Zoo, San Diego Zoo Safari Park, San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research, and international field programs in more than 35 countries. In addition, San Diego Zoo Global manages the Anne and Kenneth Griffin Reptile Conservation Center, the Frozen ZooTM, Native Seed Gene Bank, the Keauhou and Maui Hawaii Endangered Bird Conservation Centers, the San Clemente Loggerhead Shrike Breeding Facility, the Cocha Cashu Biological Research Station, the Desert Tortoise Conservation Center, and a 800-acre biodiversity reserve adjacent to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. The important conservation and science work of these entities is supported in part by The Foundation of the Zoological Society of San Diego.

Photo taken on Sept. 21, 2012, by Tammy Spratt, San Diego Zoo Global




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