California Condor Chick Ready to Hatch on San Diego Zoo Global’s Web Cam

Posted at 5:39 pm March 9, 2012 by PR

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MARCH 8, 2012

California Condor Chick Ready to Hatch on San Diego Zoo Globals Web Cam

     A California condor chick is making history as it begins the hatching process at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. The chick began to pip – or break through the egg shell – on Thursday. The egg will hatch live on the San Diego Zoo Global Wildlife Conservancy’s Condor Cam in the next 48 to 72 hours. For decades, field biologists, behaviorists and zookeepers were the only people able to witness a condor chick hatch or see parental behavior. Condor Cam ( gives the public the first-ever opportunity to see all of this live. Suggest a name, in the Chumash language, for the chick by posting it on the Wildlife Conservancy’s Facebook wall at or by tweeting it to using the hashtag #CondorName. Suggestions will be accepted through March 15.Photo taken on March 8, 2012, by Tammy Spratt, San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

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