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A zebra encounter going beyond black and white

Robert, the first “talking” zebra at the San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park, captivates kids and adults alike with his clever antics and goofy personality. A fusion of entertainment and education, Robert shares with guests what life is like at the Park from a zebra’s point-of-view and reveals steps guests can take to help the animal world thrive.

“Robert the Zebra brilliantly reflects the Wild Animal Park’s fun spirit and makes guests feel at home through his personable disposition and insider’s perspective,” said Ted Molter, director of marketing for the San Diego Zoo. “Based on the popularity of his former TV commercials, Robert serves as a perfect ‘spokes-critter’ for the Wild Animal Park, which I’m sure he’ll agree!

Developed by Living Pictures, Inc., Robert is a computer-animated Grevy’s zebra designed to connect children with wildlife and conservation.

“The San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park was looking for new ways their younger guests can better understand the animal world as well as the role we all play as humans in protecting it,” said Daniele Colajacomo, CEO of Living Pictures, Inc. “With Robert the Zebra, children laugh and feel compassionate, they experience a personal closeness with the character, and they walk away with a sense of power over what they can do to help Robert’s friends: the animals of our planet.”

“We at Living Pictures are extremely proud that our technology has found a home at the Wild Animal Park. We feel that live animated characters are a powerful asset for education as well as entertainment in their ability to communicate on a personal level with the audience,” said Colajacomo.

The character of Robert made his first debut in 2005, starring in the Wild Animal Park’s Lion Camp ads, and became an instant fan favorite. At his home at the Park, Robert is quick on his hooves to answer guests’ questions in comical ways sure to surprise. This witty zebra is also trained in magic, so get ready: he might even perform a trick or two.

Meanwhile, at the San Diego Zoo, Robert’s older sister and herd scout, Roberta, serves as a docent for child educational programs. Roberta teaches local second graders about animal life cycles, part of the second-grade curriculum, in a fun, interactive way.

The 1,800-acre San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park is operated by the not-for-profit San Diego Zoo and includes a 900-acre native species reserve. The organization focuses on conservation and research work around the globe, educates millions of individuals a year about wildlife and maintains accredited horticultural, animal, library and photo collections. The Zoo also manages the San Diego Zoo, and the San Diego Zoo’s Institute for Conservation Research. The important conservation and science work of these entities is supported in part by The Foundation of the Zoological Society of San Diego.

Living Pictures, Inc, based in Topanga, California, has been producing interactive entertainment for the past 10 years, creating the most compelling high-end living characters in parks today. For more information, visit: or write to:


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