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Black-and-White Baby Plays with Gifts from Online Fans, Donors

Nine-month-old giant panda Yun Zi was in a playful mood this morning at the San Diego Zoo. The cub was given several toys in the exhibit he shares with his mother, Bai Yun. The hard-plastic disks, donuts, balls and cylinders are items that are used by animal care staff to keep the pandas physically and mentally stimulated, which helps with their growth and development.

“We had the opportunity to present Bai Yun, our mother, and Yun Zi, the cub, lots of toys that have been provided through the generosity of our online viewers and many, many, donors, to whom we are very grateful,” said Karen Barnes, senior keeper at the San Diego Zoo.

The purchase of the enrichment items for the pandas was made possible through donations from people who are regular watchers of the Zoo’s Panda Cam during a baby shower, hosted online using Facebook, in November 2009.

“Pandas are embraced by so many people and Panda Cam viewers are really a community that appreciates and loves these animals,” added Barnes.

The San Diego Zoo is home to five pandas: Gao Gao, a 16-year-old wild-born male; Bai Yun, a 16-year-old captive-born female; and three of their offspring, Su Lin, born in 2005, Zhen Zhen, born in 2007 and Yun Zi, born in 2009.

The 100-acre San Diego Zoo is dedicated to the conservation of endangered species and their habitats. The organization focuses on conservation and research work around the globe, educates millions of individuals a year about wildlife and maintains accredited horticultural, animal, library and photo collections. The Zoo also manages the 1,800-acre San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park, which includes a 900-acre native species reserve, and the San Diego Zoo’s Institute for Conservation Research. The important conservation and science work of these entities is supported in part by The Foundation of the Zoological Society of San Diego.


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